Medical Office &
Patient Management


In spite of having a lot in common with other businesses, you have unique needs as well... data coming in from lab work, insurance claim filing, and no other business has files traveling around the office like the medical office... and they like to hide under things.  

Imagine... Every staff member using computers and the Internet as easily as pen and paper, the telephone, the fax machine. What's more, they understand technology’s potential after having participated in making technology an integral part of the clinic's Strategic Plan... and they are excited to test its limits to advance the clinic’s mission.  

Everyone knows how to use e-mail and to do research on the Internet; access the patient databases and get reports from the clinic’s contact database about patient history, therapeutic activity, information sent and received. Staff coordinate strategic planning and day-to-day activities through an on-line calendar while participating in videoconferences with colleagues around the state from their desk. 

All systems — phone, fax, computer, copying machines — are streamlined and work together for maximum efficiency.

When a problem arises... no problem... help is on call.   


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