Manufacturing Information Management

How Many of These Questions have You Asked Yourself?
How many of them can you honestly answer? 

Strategic Advantage can help you in these areas:

. . Inventory Control - Gain control over your inventory, whether short, overstocked or obsolete. Increase your inventory turnover... "Explore Just In Time"

. . Shop Floor Control - Schedule & coordinate your production floor, reduce overtime demands, schedule machine maintenance, plan your capacity

. . Engineering Data Control - Control your Technical Documentation. How many revisions are on the floor at any given time. Reduce rework and obsolescence

. . Manufacturing Execution System - Find ways to handle your non-MRP production and shop floor control documentation. MES picks up where MRP leaves off on the production floor.

. . Technology Benchmarking - Where do you stand compared to others in your industry? If you do not know where you stand, you cannot get to where you want to be. If you do not know where you started, you do not know how far you've come...

. . Cost Control - Where are your dollars going?... Are you sure? Lost dollars are lost opportunities. Find out where they are going, plug the leaks and leverage your dollars.

. . Efficiency - Are you efficient? Work smarter, not harder, get more done, automate repetitive tasks, free up personnel to more creative and lucrative tasks.

. . Enterprise Resource Planning - What about the Front Office?... How do they fit into your cost equation? Marketing & Administration have as much impact on your operation as events on the production floor. ERP does for the Front Office what MRP does for the production floor (and integrates with it). Integrate the Front Office into your operations planning

. . Disaster Recovery - Computer equipment is a combination of electronic and mechanical devices, both of which will eventually fail. Are you prepared for catastrophic equipment failure?

  • Are you nervous every time the weather turns bad?
  • What about that fire you heard about on the news? What if it happened in your facility?
  • Uh-oh, a new computer virus has been discovered...

Do you have a "crash cart" plan ready to mobilize? Do you have a cold site, a hot site or no site?

. . Best Practices - Do you have written policies & procedures in place? Or is all company knowledge in your head? What happens when a key person in your company is run over by a "beer truck"? How are your policies and procedures published and who has access to it? Are your methods tried and true in your industry?

. . Technical Data Interchange - How do you deal with the wide variety of technical data from outside your company? Is it compatible with your Document Control systems? Probably not... How can you keep up to date with your customers & suppliers needs?

. . Electronic Commerce and EDI - Want to do business with the Federal Government? You gotta have EDI capability if you want to do business with the Feds. This is not your parents Electronic Funds Transfer System any more. The standards have been updated and expanded to include a wide variety of new transactions in many different industries. Get on the electronic fast track.

. . ISO-9000 - Wanting to move into international markets? Forget it if your are not ISO-9000 certified. Do you have your quality program properly documented to ISO-9000 standards? Are your sure? Let us help you understand what it means and how to get your certificate.

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