Here are some of the letters we've received regarding our Technology Management Solutions and Technology Presentations.

Technology Management

From Elizabeth Blanchard, President of Informed

Consider yourself lucky. You have the chance to do business with Strategic Advantage.

I am a business owner who's always been perplexed by technology. I recognize that I must use it to grow my business, and yet I've always been slightly intimidated by it. What's more, I've also been afraid of relying on the so-called "technology experts" at area computer stores, namely because they repeatedly demonstrate that they are interested in selling me "Band-Aid" solutions that rarely deliver as promised.

When you do business with Brad Snyder and his team, you do far more than purchase a product or service. you're entering a great business relationship.

Let me demonstrate:

Recently, I got stalled in the midst of a computer upgrade.

Brad had expressed a willingness to help me plan for my businesses' growing technology needs, and he was going to stop by my office to pick up a business plan to assess our needs. The evening before, I just happened to mention that I:

  • Couldn't get the software on my new Palm Pilot to work with my desktop
  • Needed to install a new CD-ROM
  • Needed to install a tape backup drive.

I asked Brad if he would be willing to "help" me with the components over lunch, and he cheerfully agreed.

During the "quick fix", we ran into problems. Brad left, promising that he'd fix them all.

To be honest, a part of me really wasn't expecting him to do much.

I was wrong.

My "quick fix" quickly turned into a big headache for Brad. But he made myriad calls and tracked down isolated pieces of hardware that would have driven a less patient person (me) absolutely bonkers.

All for a little more opportunity of doing business with InforMED.

I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Brad and I urge you to consider the same.

Elizabeth Blanchard


From Cate Morris Owner of Biz-Basics, Ltd

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a tremendous resource and assistance you have been to our company. During the past year our organization has grown three fold and the technology and computer system you recommended has stood the test. As you know neither my husband nor myself are what you would consider noteworthy computer operators. It is due to the simplicity and ease of use that we have survived such a phenomenal rate of expansion.

On a personal basis as one consultant to another, your expertise and business savvy as saved me on many occasions. It is so important to be surrounded by experienced professionals who know and understand the intricacies of entrepreneurship. The road is a different and often confusing one. Thank you for helping to guide the future on my organization to the correct platform.

We look forward to a continued successful relationship and await the year 2000 with great expectations. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do to assist you.


Cate Morris
Biz-Basics, Ltd.


From J. Roland Wilson, General Manager, Heart of America Shakespeare Festival

We are most grateful for your computer consulting skills rendered to the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival... Your expertise, patience and ability to effectively convey technical information to our staff have greatly enhanced our switch over from Macintosh to Wintel PC's. We are so pleased with your ability that we will call upon you again and would be most happy to highly recommend your services.

With sincere thanks,

J. Roland Wilson
General Manager,
Heart of America Shakespeare Festival


Speaking and Presentations

From Gaile Varnum, President, Gaile Varnum & Associates

Thank you so much for your ability to explain technological use and function as clearly and effortlessly as you do.

I had the opportunity to work with you for a National Seminars project: I watched you teach large groups as well as two or three people at a time; I benefited from one-on-one tutoring with you as well. In every case, your overall assets of patience, clarity and humor consistently struck me. You helped me revamp a bias I have held for a long time - that computer-types have no relationship or "people " skills!

You are a strong "people-person" as well as "tech-type"; I trust you know what a rare combination that is.

I would be honored to recommend your services to anyone needing a technological consultant or trainer at any time. I also look forward to our continuing networking through the National Speakers Association.

Thanks again,

Gaile Varnum
Gaile Varnum & Associates


From Matthew Alexander, Retirement Planning Specialist, Prosperity Advisory Group, Inc.


What a great workshop, Saturday, with National Speakers Association. You have encouraged me to take my web page to a higher standard & to use technology in my seminars to motivate participants...

Matthew Alexander
Retirement Planning Specialist
Prosperity Advisory Group, Inc.


From Caroline Zumbrunnen, President, TurnKey Manufacturing Seminars

Congrat's on a very successful day!!

Your reaction to a very stressful registration period was fantastic! Cool, calm, fix it and move on!! Just exactly what was needed.

Thanks again for an excellent day. You are doing a stupendous job with this seminar!

Caroline Zumbrunnen
TurnKey Manufacturing Seminars


From Sheila Warnock, Assistant Director, University of Kansas Small Business Development Center

Thank you for participating in the 1998 Survival Skills for Small Business seminars presented by the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and the University of Kansas Small Business Development Center. As moderator of the panel discussion, you did an excellent job of introducing the subject matter and the panel members. Moreover, you did an especially great job of keeping the momentum of discussion flowing between the audience and the panelists. The content and the delivery of all the panelists were superb, and we appreciate your keeping everyone on track.

Your multi-media approach was very creative and interactive; we had many positive comments on the "Mission Impossible" theme. The insights you shared about your experience with "guerilla partnerships" were informative and enlightening, and the feed back was very positive -- the audience definitely enjoyed your presentation.

As a small business owner yourself, you are aware of the issues and challenges and entrepreneur must face, not the least of which is finding time to operate ant manage the varied aspects of your business. We certainly appreciate your taking time out of your day to contribute tot he community and to the education of fellow small business owners.


Shala Warnock
Assistant Director,
University of Kansas Small Business Development Center


From Karl Kroening, Business Unit Manager, Accutec Manufacturing, Inc.

Dear Chrisi...

As you can see by the ratings, the participants felt that this was a very worthwhile class.  As with any class, the instructor can make or break it, and Brad Snyder did very much enhance the written material.  Please thank Brad for Accutec.

Karl Kroening
Business Unit Manager
Accutec Manufacturing, Inc.


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