Here is a list of the Associations we belong to, and some of the other talent with whom we are affiliated...


Strategos Inc.- For more than 20 years, Quarterman Lee and the Strategos team have helped clients understand and improve business and manufacturing operations. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, we travel the world for training and consulting. Strategos global affiliates each bring a unique international, experiential and topical perspective. 

Prime Performance - Lourdes Menendez

Lourdes is our expert in Socio-Technical Systems-the integration of technological processes with human performance. She is an enthusiastic and dynamic trainer in Five-S, Team Development, Quality, Leadership and Lean Manufacturing.

The Innovation Center - University of Central Missouri
The Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and Development was established in July, 2002. Prior to that time, the organization was the Center for Technology and Business Development.  The reorganization in 2002 was more than a title change.  The new organization established an emphasis on entrepreneurial development, academic course development and instruction, laboratory and product development which emphasized electronic media and an emphasis on technology based support services to businesses


American Production & Inventory Control Society... sounds kind of dry, but it is an extremely valuable organization if you deal with manufacturing, scheduling, purchasing or service organizations... lots of educational opportunities, networking, and certifications are available.

American Society for Quality The American Society for Quality (ASQ),  is the world’s leading authority on quality . The association creates better workplaces and communities worldwide by advancing learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange to improve business results.


American Society of Training and Development... the world's premier professional association in the field of workplace learning and performance, providing leadership to individuals, organizations, and society to achieve work-related competence, performance, and fulfillment.


Independent Computer Consultants Association... geek city... but a complete & valuable collection of "computer" talent... you name it... we've got it...

Society of Manufacturing Engineers ... an engineer is not really an engineer until (s)he has had experience on the production floor... these folks are design engineers who have grown up and have "gotten over it"... if you need to make your processes flow better... here is where to find your answer

National Speakers Association... Nowhere will you find a more diverse collection of inspirational and educational talent.  Here is where the worlds finest speakers join together to help one another develop their business of speaking.  If you are looking for someone to deliver a keynote presentation or a multi-day seminar... look here first. 


Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce legislative contacts to business resources, this metro wide organization is very dynamic and active... check em out...

Better Business Bureau of Kansas City ... good references and resources here plus arbitration services and an additional lever when dealing with the occasional problem with another member...

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